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The volcanoes of the Massif Central


The Chaîne des Puys combines a high density of volcanoes, it is the only continental volcanic group in the world to reunite as many volcanoes on a limited territory, and you can find 80 volcanoes, which is extended on an area of 35 kilometers. This area traces 350 million years of Earth’s geological history.


The site is protected since 1977 and the highest point of this set, the Puy de Dome culminating at 1465m altitude, is labeled "Grand Site of France" since 2008. This natural site has a fundamental importance in the study of volcanic and earth sciences.


Travel through time with this volcanic ensemble where, at the top of the Puy de Dôme, you will find the remains of the Mercure temple, an ancient Roman temple built in the 2nd century. At the foot of this Puy find a discovery centrewhere you can you discover the origin of the creation of Puy de Dôme dating back more than 11 000 years.


Walking and hiking lovers or cycling sport? Find more than 3900 kilometers of marked walks taking you to discover craters, cones, ridges, domes, lakes...


In the middle of the crater of Lemptegy Volcano find Vucania, a park dedicated to volcanism.